DnnAutoUpgrade: easy, fast and reliable DotNetNuke upgrade

DnnAutoUpgrade 6.2 released.

DnnAutoUpgrade is a DNN module which allows you to upgrade your DotNetNuke CMS automatically.

It is really easy to upgrade your DotNetNuke websites with DnnAutoUpgrade.
This module makes your website backup, downloads upgrades from the web, installs them and automatically fixes common upgrade errors.

In case of upgrade fail DnnAutoUpgrade restores your website to the working state from backup, which makes upgrade really safe.

Upgrading DotNetNuke with DnnAutoUpgrade is much faster comparing to manual upgrade, but even here your customers may have inconvenience because a website will be unavailable. To prevent such situations DnnAutoUpgrade displays a special page for website visitors during the upgrade operation.

If you do not like the upgraded version of DotNetNuke or it has some problems, you can quickly rollback to any previous DotNetNuke version you had.