DnnAutoUpgrade Release Notes

DnnAutoUpgrade 6.2.11 (Latest)
  • Added: New upgrade location from GitHub was added for recent DNN versions
DnnAutoUpgrade 6.29 (Latest)
  • Fixed: Back change from DNN Team :) Upgrades storage changed from dnnplatform.codeplex.com to dotnetnuke.codeplex.com
DnnAutoUpgrade 6.28
  • Fixed: Upgrades storage changed from dotnetnuke.codeplex.com to dnnplatform.codeplex.com
DnnAutoUpgrade 6.27
  • Fixed: Final fix for problem with upgrade to recent DNN versions
DnnAutoUpgrade 6.26
  • Fixed: Problem with upgrade to recent DNN versions
DnnAutoUpgrade 6.2
  • Improved: New upgrade way. Just install module latest version and use your license key for activation
  • Fixed: New codeplex structure parsing
  • Fixed: Module works with DNN on Windows Azure
  • Fixed: Fixed issue with module installation at DNN 6.2
DnnAutoUpgrade 6.1
  • Improved: Lots of improvements to backup engine
  • Fixed: Module is fully compatible with latest DNN 6
  • Updated: Recent DNN upgrade path support
DnnAutoUpgrade 5.9
  • New: Download DNN upgrades from Papayas server
  • New: DotNetNuke header notifications about AutoUpgrade available
  • New: Free 15 days trial
  • Fixed: MediumTrust license problem
  • Fixed: Objects types backup
  • Updated: License format
DnnAutoUpgrade 5.8
  • New: Download backups, Remove backups and Upload custom backups directly from Restore screen
  • New: Upgrade exception save to logs folder
  • Improved: Less resources for DB backup in LowCpu mode
  • Fixed: App_Data files upgrade problem
  • Fixed: DMX compatible problems
  • Fixed: XML type backup
  • Fixed: Dependent objects backup
  • Updated: License save format
DnnAutoUpgrade 5.7
  • New: Installer creates "Host" item in navigation
  • New: "Do upgrade without backup" option
  • New: Possibility to restore database and files separately
  • New: Upgrade recommendations
  • Improved: More detailed logs
  • Improved: Schemas backup
  • Fixed: Locked folders interruption
  • Fixed: Validation of viewstate MAC failed
  • Fixed: Missing stored procedures in backup
  • Fixed: Bad "--#####" in db structure
  • Fixed: Total Commander could not unzip empty files
  • Misc: License check changed
  • Misc: Added session timeout for backup
  • Updated: CSS styles
DnnAutoUpgrade 5.6
  • New: Folders/Tables exclusion from backup
  • Improved: Backup engine
  • Improved: New site offline screen
  • Fixed: Periodical error from ErrorLog
  • Misc: Changed backup timeout
DnnAutoUpgrade 5.5.3
  • Fixed: DNN 3.x installation
  • Fixed: Database backup timeout
  • Fixed: Custom session mode
DnnAutoUpgrade 5.5.2
  • Improved: Database backup engine
  • Improved: Log formatting
DnnAutoUpgrade 5.5
  • New: Upgrade errors AutoFixing
  • New: LowCPU mode
  • New: Progress bar
  • Improved: Backup and restore engines
  • Improved: Backup filenames
  • Improved: Text logs
  • Fixed: OutOfMemoryException at some hosting providers
  • Misc: Removed SMO libraries
DnnAutoUpgrade 5.1.3
  • New: Custom upgrade upload for DNN Pro
  • Improved: "Check if website is available" feature
  • Fixed: Database owner backup
  • Fixed: Installation on DNN 05.00.01
  • Fixed: Backup timeout
  • Fixed: OutOfMemoryException at some hosting provider
DnnAutoUpgrade 5.1.2
  • New: Files log
  • Improved: Reduced operating memory usage
  • Fixed: Long table names
  • Fixed: License check
DnnAutoUpgrade 5.1.1
  • Initial version