SiteBackup: trustworthy backup for your website

SiteBackup 6.2 released. Free 15 days trial!

SiteBackup is a DotNetNuke module which allows you to make the full website backup.

SiteBackup supports local storage of your backups as well as remote storage: Amazon S3 and Google Storage. Backup operation can be scheduled for automatic periodical performance.

For every backup operation you can always choose the backup type: backup only the database, only files, or make the full website backup.

Website clone with SiteBackup is really simple and can be done without any manual modifications to files or the database. The module creates portal aliases independently and changes required web.config parameters.

SiteBackup is fully compatible with DnnAutoUpgrade, both modules use the same backup storage. You can always restore your website from a backup made in SiteBackup or DnnAutoUpgrade. 
Moreover, it supports full website restoration, restoration of the database only, or just restoration of files.

Thanks to the backup engine from Papayas, SiteBackup creates a readable SQL script, which does not depend on SMO or any other components and can be executed at any hosting provider.